Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want to Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a fabulous weekly event hosted over at http://brokeandbookish.blogspot.com/ . Every week they have a new list of Top Tens to answer.
This week's topic is Books I Want to Reread. So ta da!
Top Ten Books I Want to Reread
1. The Way of Kings by Brandon SandersonThis is one of my all time favorites! It's so incredibly complex that you must reread it again and again to fully appreciate its glory.
2. Airman by Eoin Colfer
This book has a wonderfully classic feel to it. Full of action with a hint of romance it's timeless.
3. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
Fairy-tale remakes are my weak spot. Give me one that's well written and creative and I'm sold.
4. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. TolkienOf course this had to be on the list. Who could live without their classically epic fantasy dose every few months?
5. The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
To those of you who have not read this GET OUT OF YOUR SEATS AND GET IT! This book deserves a full out 10 stars! Unfortunately my scale only goes to 5 stars.
6. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. LewisI fell in love with these before I learned to read. I still love them just as much, if not more, now.
7. The Giver by Lois LowryThis book made me think. I read it again a couple months ago and it was still as entrancing as if it were a first time.
8. The Supernaturalist by Eoin ColferThis is actually the most recent book I've read. See my review of it on the reviews page.
9. The Bartimeas Trilogy by Jonathan StroudHilarious! Bartimeas is such a lovable character! I personality had me hooked, not to mention the alternate history setting.
10. Uglies by Scott WesterfeldUglies is the start of a series in a dystopian series. I've only read it once but I want to read it again so bad!

And there you have it! The Top Ten Books I Wish I Could Reread.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book Review: The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer

Cover Blurb:

In the not-too-distant future, in a place called Satellite City, thirteen-year-old Cosmo Hill is unfortunate enough to come into the world unwanted by his parents. And so, as are all orphaned boys his age, Cosmo is dipped in a vaccine vat and sent to the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys — freight class.
At Clarissa Frayne, the orphans, called "no-sponsors," are put to work by the state, testing dangerous products that never should be allowed near human beings. By the time the no-sponsors are sent to their cardboard utility pipes, given their nightly meal pack, and finally fall asleep, they are often covered in burns, bruises, or sores from the work of the day.
Cosmo Hill knows that he must escape, even though he has no idea what might be waiting for him on the outside. He plans for the moment when he can make a break. When that moment finally comes, he nearly dies while escaping. But he is rescued by a gang of "Supernaturalists," a motley crew of kids who all have a special psychic ability — one that Cosmo is about to learn he has as well. They "see" supernatural Parasites — tiny, translucent creatures who feed on the life force of humans. The Supernatuarlists patrol the city at night, finding and blasting the Parasites to try and save what is left of humanity in Satellite City. Or so they think.

The young hunters soon find themselves caught in a web far worse than they could have imagined, embroiled with private police, illegal racing gangs, and a corporation cover-up, until they discover a horrifying secret that will force them to question everything they believe in.

Normally I wait a few days after reading a book to review it, but I couldn't for this one! Fantastic read! I've read most of Eoin Colfer's books an they're all high quality, but this one blew me away!

The characters had very definite personalities. From a single sentance I could tell who was talking, from Ditto's sarcastic comments, to Mona's fiesty matter-of-fact, to Stefan's driven way. I loved them all!

Characters: 5 stars

The plot kept me up till one reading. It was something I'd never seen reflections of in other books, completely new. The couple huge plot surprises were utter shocks. And despite being complete sci-fi/Fantasyish it was totally believable!

Plot: 5 stars

Eoin Colfer has a style that will sell the story to you, hook, line, and sinker. With only a few sentences he made Satellite city seem strange and depressing. He can name a futuristic object with one word and immediately the reader knows what it is. His book views the world in such a way that you can't help but fall in love with the main character, Cosmo, as he goes on a journey of heroics and self-discovery.

Style: 5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: Gift

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy

YA Fiction

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review:Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

Cover Blurb:
          No one takes Spencer Zumbro seriously when he tries to warn his classmates about the mysterious things prowling the halls and classrooms at Welcher Elementary School. But when he sees Marv, the janitor, going after one of the creatures with a vacuum, he knows he's not the only one who can see them.
          With the help of his new friend, Daisy, Spencer has to find out what the Janitors know. The children's search uncovers the magic taking place behind the scenes of their seemingly ordinary school, where a battle is being waged for the minds of the students. Who can be trusted-and can Spencer and Daisy protect their school and possibly the world?

I finally own this book!
         I know what you're thinking-"What a kidder! There's no way she actually got around to buying that book, despite how much she wanted to read it."
You're right. . .

It was a gift.

          From the very beginning this book had me hooked. It was easy to identify with rather germaphobic Spencer Zumbro, and I loved 'Gullible Gates'. I smiled so hard at their quirks, and laughed every time a predicament came up because of these. Tyler Whitesides established them as solid characters early on. Later, the Janitors, Marv, Walter, and workers of BEM, were introduced, and their characters were lovable if rather stereotypical. I thought Spencer's mom was so cool, and I liked how towards the end of the book she was involved. This is unusual for a fantasy book, but I found it to my taste.
Characters: 2.9 Stars
          I always love when plots match up with the real world. It helps me imagine it could really be happening. Tyler Whitesides' idea of creatures living in a school, eating brainwaves, and keeping kids from learning was believable and fun, because it could really be out there, happening in our schools. His magic system and plot points didn't seem to flow as well as they should, but for a debut book it was surprisingly well done.
Plot: 3 Stars
The narration was charming. Simple actions were phrased in such a way that I broke up laughing at several parts. This book has strong under-themes of standing up for what you believe in. Several times throughout the book it was stressed that telling the truth is always best.
Style: 4.2 Stars

The ending was a complete cliffhanger, but still managed to tie up the novel as a whole fairly well. If you are planning on buying this book, may I suggest buying it from the author directly. Tyler Whitesides is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. This book is not a must, but if you have minute, it's definitely worth considering.

Source: Gift
Rating: 3.4
Junior Fiction

P.S. Fantastic job by Brandon Dorman on the cover! This is the type of illustration you go out and buy fifty large prints of just so you can look at it wherever you go.

Book Review: Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans

Back Cover:
“Have you found the last two?” The voice on the phone was angry and coarse, like the sound of car tires over broken glass.
“Not yet,” the well-dressed man on the other end of the phone replied. “Not yet. But we believe we’re close—and they still don’t know that we’re hunting them.”
“You believe you’re close?”
“They’re two children among a billion—finding them is like finding a lost chopstick in China.”
“Is that what you want me to tell the board?”
“Remind the board that I’ve already found fifteen of the seventeen children. I’ve put out a million-dollar bounty on the last two, we’ve got spiders crawling the Web, and we have a whole team of investigators scanning global records for their whereabouts. It’s just a matter of time before we find them—or they step into one of our traps.”
“Time isn’t on our side,” the voice returned sharply. “Those kids are already too old. You know how difficult they are to turn at this age.”
“I know better than anyone,” the well-dressed man said, tapping his ruby-capped pen on his desk. “But I have my ways. And if they don’t turn, there’s always Cell 25.”
There was a long pause, then the voice on the phone replied darkly, “Yes. There’s always Cell 25.”
© 2011 Richard Paul Evans

I must say, I was really looking forward to this book. I'd been meaning to pick it up for a while, so when I got it as a gift I was bouncing off the ceiling. And I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but come on. How can you not with a cover this awesome?
This book is about a boy, Michael, who can produce electric "Pulses", or really big shocks. When he discovers a girl, Taylor, in his hometown who has similar gifts, they(along with Michael's best friend and super genius Ostin) start a club called the Electroclan to discover where they came from.
As they dig deeper and deeper into the past, dangerous secrets are uncovered, leading the clan to a discovery that will turn their world upside down.
My favorite character was by far Ostin. I fell in love with him from the beginning as he dealt with social awkwardness and spouted random facts. As to the rest of the characters- there were a few spots where it was hard to tell who was talking, but other than that they were fairly well-developed.
Characters: 3 stars
The plot really drew me in, and I stayed up past eleven just to find out what happened next. It was original, and exciting with almost non-stop action scenes.
Plot: 4.5 stars
Richard Evens has an engaging style that makes it fun to read, carrying you through the slow parts and into the faster ones.
Style: 4.5
All in all I really enjoyed this book. If you have a minute I highly suggest picking it up.

Source: Gift
Rating: 4 Stars

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This morning it was all I could do to yank myself out of bed. Through the open blinds I could see down our street. The street lamps shone bright, and the moon was in full dress. I rubbed my eyes miserably. It's always harder to get up, when outside looks like midnight. My head felt flat, and my body just wanted to lie down and die. If only I had another five hours to sleep.
I stumbled around the room until I hit the light switch. It shone with a sickly yellow glow. Before I lost my nerve and went back to bed, I hurriedly shrugged out of my PJ's and into fresh clothes. It was freeeeeeeeezing! I felt my heart sink lower. I'd have to go outside soon. The cold would kill me.
Slowly becoming more alert, I did my make-up and hair, then went downstairs. It was so dark! Pitch black!
I tripped over a chair. I tripped over a toy. I tripped over a potted plant, before I had light.
I sat down, then looked over the lid of my laptop, straight at a clock. I suddenly had a hunch, a nagging suspicion at the back of my mind, that something was . . . not right. It took a moment before my eyes would comprehend what the glowing green, digital display was trying to say.
The clock said 12:15 a.m.
It simply must be wrong, I thought.
But just to make sure I looked at another clock.
Hmm. Another clock. . . Oh dear.
It really was 12:15 a.m.
I went back to bed.

Now, on a darker note~
Those of you with delicate constitutions, I advise you to stop reading now. Go find another blog. One that won't traumatize you so completely. I myself bite my nails when I hear this word-

They are my secret fear.
When they slink around with their spindly legs I have mini heart attacks.
Today there was a dead one in the bathtub. And foolish little me thought I'd wash it down the drain.
The instant a drop of water hit the head of that creepy crawly arachnid, legs seemed to shoot from its sides. It skittered up the wall of the tub like lightning. I snatched a roll of paper-towels and whacked and whacked that spider! It's remnants were safely disposed of in the toilet. But still, I don't know if I will ever use that bathtub again.