Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Review: The Death Cure by James Dashner

 The Death Cure is the third and final book of The Maze Runner trilogy by the New York Times bestselling author James Dashner.
           Cover Blurb:
      Thomas knows that WICKED can't be trusted. They stole his memories and locked him inside the Maze. Thete forced him to the brink of death by dropping him in the wilds of the Scorch, and they took the Gladers, his only friends, from him.
       Now WICKED says that the time for lies is over. That they've collected all the data they can from the Trials and will rely on the Gladers, with full memories restored, to help them with their ultimate mission: to complete the blueprint for the cure for the Flare. But Thomas must undergo one final test.
        What WICKED doesn't know, however, is that Thomas has already remembered far more than they think. And it's enough to prove that he can't believe a word of what WICKED says.
         The time for lies is over. And the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever have imagined.
Will Anyone Survive The Death Cure?

          The previous books in this series left me flabbergasted, and this one was no different. What a powerful ending! Like most dystopians, it doesn't end with everyone leaping for joy, but you feel safe leaving Thomas and his friends where they are. James Dashner is a mad genius!
           I'm always a bit nervous reading the last book in a series, worried that the author will do something completely wrong and ruin the characters. But there was no hint of that in this book. The characters were true to how they were portrayed in The Maze Runner. And though the events in The Death Cure take place only a couple of weeks later, I could see how they had grown and developed through their experiences. It did bother me how Teresa was much less involved in this book than in any of the others, but Brenda came in, filling her place.
Characters: 4.9 Stars
           The plot in this book took a completely unexpected turn! The future I foresaw was one of dreary scientific work for the Flare cure, but Dashner was able to keep the extreme action and suspense going until the very end, where you see Thomas and his friends safely settled, and finally--peace.
Plot: 5 Stars
            Those of you who have read the preceding books will understand when I guarantee-at the risk of sounding cliche-that these books will literally keep you up all night reading, and then all night thinking. James Dashner's books portray the thrill of mystery, the suspense of horror, and the touch of romance that made this book one of my absolute favorites.
Style: 5 Stars

Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Bookstore
Genre: Dystopian/Suspense
YA Fiction

Subnote: Sorry for the sparse review! Way too many spoilers to avoid! :)
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  1. I'm glad to know that it has a good ending. With this series, I never know what to expect. I guess that is why I like this series so much.