Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
     Or happy, whatever else you celebrate! Unless you kill puppies. 
I am writing from the midst of a winter storm with snow finally here to stay. Merry Christmas! And I have a book suggestion for you.
      Asking me to choose a favorite Christmas book, or indeed, any book, would be like asking me to choose a favorite limb. Nope. Can't be done. But I do have some I prefer.

In the city of the dead,
a dreamer awakens....
      Young Babak has a magnificent gift: He can dream the future. Mitra, his brave older sister, is sworn to protect him. For them to survive living on the streets, she must do whatever is necessary -- including using her brother's talent for profit.
When Babak is asked to dream for a powerful Magus, he receives a mysterious vision of two stars dancing in the night. Determined to solve this prophetic riddle, the Magus takes the boy and his sister on an arduous journey across the desert. What they discover will change the world in a way that no dream could ever predict... 

        But what makes Alphabet of DreamsChristmasy? I enjoyed it because it provided another perspective on the nativity story. The nativity is only a very small part of this book and not the focus. But it follows a young girl as she tries to survive and care for her brother in a largely uncivilized world and shows how the birth of a savior affected everyone. The world did not stand still, but the impact was made in individual lives.
        Here's wishing a happy, hopeful season and a better new year. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and the artwork is beautiful. Enjoy~

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