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Review: Daughter of the Earth and Sky by Kaitlin Bevis

Cover Blurb:
Some vows can never be broken.
          Persephone thought she could go back to her normal life after returning from the Underworld. She was wrong. 
          The goddess Aphrodite is born among the waves with more charm than she can control. Zeus is stalking Persephone and her loved ones, and Thanatos is no longer content with Persephone's silence.
          He wants her soul.
          Persephone can't tell anyone about Thanatos' betrayal, and it drives a wedge between her and Hades. Her mother is still keeping secrets, and Melissa's jealousy of Aphrodite threatens to tear their friendship apart.
          Alone, Persephone turns to a human boy for comfort. But will their relationship put him in danger? 
          Sacrifices must be made, and Persephone must choose between her human life and her responsibilities as a goddess. If she doesn't, she could lose them both.
          But will either life be worth choosing once Zeus is through with her?

I feel there's always a bit of risk involved when started a sequel. If the sequel is magnificent, then great. Go ahead and read it. But if it shines one smidgen less than the original, suddenly no matter how much you enjoyed the original before it doesn't seem that great. And you think, what was the point of all that if it doesn't get any better.
          These were just a few thoughts running through my head as I started Daughter of Earth and Sky, sequel to Persephone. But they only stayed there for about five pages. After that, Boom! the story was back with all it's deliciousness.
          Persephone is definitely getting more mature. This book had more angst than the last one, but it was angst that made sense. I got to see Persephone living under unimaginable stress and dealing with it really highlighted the best of her character. I loved the interaction between Persephone and Hades. I was worried their characters would shift between the books as sometimes happens, but nope! As far as Aphrodite, I don't feel like I got to know her very well in this book, but she looks like a promising addition to the cast. And Zeus! I knew he was a dirt-bag from the myths, but what a dirt-bag!
Characters 4.5 Stars
          I love seeing ancient mythology translated to modern times. Kaitlin Bevis makes it work so well. The tension built with each chapter. I thought things couldn't get worse, so of course with every chapter they did. I have this book to thank for at least one sleepless night. To make matters worse, the ending finished with a no holds barred cliff-hanger, so be warned. There's no turning back.
Plot: 4.6 Stars
          Kaitlin Bevis has such a talent for writing addictively. Her writing is simple and straight-forward, but loads of fun!
Style: 4.7 Stars

Rating: 4.6 Stars
Source: Author
Genre: Fantasy
YA Fiction

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