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Interview & Free Book: David Matthew Almond

     David Matthew Almond has been working in the restaurant and IT industry for the last nineteen years. Over the last two, he has finally made time to focus on his true passion, writing stories.
David grew up in Utica a small city in Upstate NY (home to such rare delicacies as Tomato Pie, Utica Greens, Pusties, and Chicken Riggies) and attended "Buff State" in the amazing city Buffalo NY, where he would eventually return to run his bakery café, meet some of the absolute best people in the world, and fall in love with his amazing wife Julie.
     David currently lives in beautiful Monkton, Vermont and would love to hear from you...

Favorite reads?
     Neil Gaiman's Stardust and entire Sandman series (I love everything he does), Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, Peter Straub's Blue Rose trilogy, the Xanth series by Piers Anthony, Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising novels, almost every single thing Brian Lumley has ever written... I mean what an amazing author this guy is!
       Okay it just occurred to me that I can not continue or you may run out of space on the blog. There is just too much to list in one place. Needless to say I LOVE to read, I am not stuck in one genre, there is no point in limiting the stories I can experience. Wait just two more! Robert Aspirin's Myth series  & Thieves World, Arthur C Clarke -nuff said.

Inspirations for the book?
     I find inspiration in the oddest places, no doubt many artists feel similar. Some of the best sources I have found are visits to museums, long drives through the rolling countryside of Vermont, and my amazing wife Julie. Though, there are certainly aspects of mythology layered into this series, as it is something I have always found deeply interesting and inspirational.

Did you know you wanted to be an author when you were little?
     In my early teens I used to write random short stories whenever I had the chance. I remember going to my friend's house and finding that his sister owned a word processor, which back then was relatively rare. Instead of hanging out around the pool I kept finding myself drawn to her computer, like Pooh to hunee. There has always been an itch somewhere deep down inside me to tell stories, or maybe it was a missing piece that screamed "write a novel!" I knew at the age of seventeen that as much as I desired to write a gripping story, I had to go out and get real life experiences before I could hope to produce anything to be proud of. As generally happens, life intervened and it was not until a couple decades later that I finally decided to commit myself to working on a novel. This was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.
Any Pet Peeves?
     When baristas do no steam milk properly. If the entire cafe suddenly sounds like a 757 is taking off, that should be your first clue you are not steaming the milk. Oops, I think my inner manager just came out, sorry... remnants from a former life of servitude.

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?
     Oh, Peanut Butter! On bananas, in celery, on toast, in heavenly candy coated goodness, and of course my favorite way, on ice cream.

The weirdest thing you've ever done?
     I am not sure what constitutes as weird these days, and even if I had an inkling, we probably all have different barometers for it as it is. I mean, say you are walking along through the forest and a troll blocks your access across the bridge, the businessman thinks "Hmm, that's weird." but the traveling bard says, "Yeah yeah, c'mon and gimmie the riddle already." I assume a great many things I do would be considered weird, but perhaps the most recent was when I traveled to Barsoom to have lunch with a group of Thark chiefs. I have to tell you, besides that the food was something that sticks in your gut for weeks later, those Martians really do know how to party. Most of it was fun, but in retrospect, trying to compete with a six-limbed green man in a game of twister was probably not my wisest decision. 

Is there a soundtrack to the book/Favorite music? 
     I am a massive fan of music. The genres I enjoy widely vary depending on my mood, so it is difficult to nail down only one favorite. How about I narrow down some of the vinyl I listened to when writing this novel? The Cure - Singles, Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks, Massive Attack - Mezzanine, Tom Waits - Closing Time. 
Do you need anything to write?
     In order to write I need privacy, it does not have to be completely quiet, just a place to be alone and write in my house. Although, I also greatly enjoyed writing on my way to work when I had to go across the lake. I would park the car on the ferry and sit back with my pad vigorously jotting down notes, greedy for the gift of time I was receiving.
How long do you write on any average day?
     I was able to spend about an hour every night working on Secrets of the Elders, and three to four on my days off. It was basically, squeeze in whatever time you can possibly manage between the demands of work and joys of family, because at the end of the day it is the rarest resource we have. These days I am able to spend six to eight hours writing, and am working on my new novel five days a week. This change is moving me light years ahead on the second entry to Chronicles of Acadia, Land of the Giants.  

Give us the number one reason to read your book.
     Nothing is better than sinking your teeth into a fast paced adventure with richly developed characters, in an interesting new world. It's that feeling you get when you just can't put the book down and are dying to know what happens next. The world of Acadia is sitting right there at the edge of your imagination, and poor Logan Walker can't get started until you open the book.

Author Info:

After their peaceful village, Riverbell, is raided by the foul monstrous skex, brothers Logan and Corbin Walker find themselves caught in a race against time, desperate to warn the capitol before the deadly skex arrive to wreak the same havoc upon the unsuspecting people of Fal. 
Never could they imagine, that this would only be the very beginning of their unforgettable journey, when Logan is suddenly exiled from the kingdom for a crime he did not commit. On the run, doggedly avoiding his own brother, sent to pursue the wanted criminal, can Logan Walker possibly hope to stay free long enough to unravel the Secrets of the Elders? 

And So the Fourth Age of Acadia begins... 

Secrets of the Elders is free for download on Amazon until June 22. 

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